If you’re looking for a really great full time job, freelance work or an internship, the same rules apply.

Here are the rules:

We’re always looking for brilliant people. If you’re one of them, we’d love to hear from you. But to be truly amazing (to us) you have to be humble too, so you probably won’t see yourself as amazing.

If you want us to get excited about you, be excited. Passion and enthusiasm can mean a lot.

If you’re constantly unsure about what you do or what your role is (maybe you’ve been pigeon-holed in the past), we’d love to talk to you. We’re a basement boutique not a pigeon coop. We like multi faceted all-rounders.

If you’d like to work at PIXEL MAZIK don’t assume that you’re always going to find an advert on our website (though we will try to keep postings up to date), send us a mail. A link to your blog, portfolio, show-reel or something else that you have done is often much more helpful than a CV.Why would you want to work at PIXEL MAZIK?

It’s a great place to work. There are some really nice people to learn from and spar with. We might have to work really hard sometimes, but we’re (usually) doing things that we love. If you’ve got big ideas (and as long as they’re good ideas) we’ll try and find a way to make them happen. And we’re not too big, so if you have a little voice, you will be heard.

If you have a talent, we’ll try and bring it out, in spite of the pay.


NO AGENCIES please. We do work with a couple of recruiters, but they’re the ones we’ve grown to like, in spite of their fees and past misdemeanors. There are probably ways to make us your friends. But if you were any good you would have already figured them out.

HR – motto: ‘Be Loyal’

We’ll try to hang on to you once you’re here, but the film world is boom and bust, it aint easy. We value loyalty and promise to reward it.